♪ I'm happy about my new MAHOU SHOUJO items! ♪

Yeee! finally they look how I wanted them to! I spent ages trying to find 'gold' acrylic OTL now the jewels are mirrored, things are engraved right, ahhhh it feels good to finally have access to better materials! DREAM IS COMING TRUE! 

Sneak peak of new items for this weekend's update at Starlight Deco Dream. 
I've been working very hard on bringing these to life as delightful homages to Mahou Shoujo ♥ 
Now that I have access to a nicer laser cut machine, 
you may have noticed the quality has improved! 
Finally I am able to create it just as I have envisioned!! 
Chibiusa's Time Key and Sailor Moon R locket necklace as well as many other inspired charms. 
All but the Time Key are half scale for more discreet and daily wear. 

The items are created using multi layered laser cut acrylic with Swarovski crystal accents. 
I'm looking into getting gold-plated chain yet I'll keep both the cheaper option available for those trying to save money. Lots of trial and error and love put into these. Mama Starlight is proud of these! 

They will all be on sale by Sunday on http://starlightdecodream.etsy.com/ (ღ˘⌣˘ღ) 

Quantities for ready-stock are limited, yet there will be a pre-order. Now I can finally sleep tonight ahaha... (and yes, the photo is a bit blurry, but that's the idea of a sneak peak! and these are all for necklaces but I'm low on chains at the moment) Also the old items are listed at $111 only because it's for display and I did not want anyone to buy the old listings. The new items will be around 25 - 40.

Please stay tuned for the weekend update ♥