☽ Starlight Deco Dream Collaboration with Simply Gilded Co ☾

Irene (owner of Simply Gilded) asked if I could make a special bejeweled Sailor Moon planner charm to pair with her new pastel moon washi release. Of course I said yes!
I had the honour of being introduced to the wonderful planner world with my Sailor Moon charms by joining together with Simply Gilded ( https://www.etsy.com/shop/SimplyGildedCo ) for her new "Mystic Moon" washi tape release! I wanted to combine bijoux elements with my acrylic items for ages! I've been collecting Swarovski crystals, delicate Cubic Zirconia charms, and gold-plated chain for a while now, so I just had to do this! This opportunity to share my work with the very amazing planner community...WOW! It's a new and exciting opportunity to bring my creations to a new audience! I was absolutely blown away how well-received my items were. The capsule collection on Simply Gilded sold out in seconds. It was such an inspiration for me! I've had so many requests for more of them, I had to open up pre-orders. My little fingers can only work so fast, hahaha! Here's the shop link for the pre-orders. Spaces are filling up fast! With three designs to choose from, it might be a tough choice for your sparkling spiral binder charm ^-^

Moving forward, I want to create many more items such as these. I love to make simple fun items, but I feel I will be making more delicate and sparkling items with careful detailing a lot more! I'm designing some more variations of these including more planner charms, charm bracelets, and charms for purses for more classic girly anime series and original themes as well. I'm designing items right now, in fact.

"Each magical charm is truly a piece of art that is brimming with luxe details genuine Swarovski crystals adore each piece and gold plated hardware will make a statement in your spiral bound planner."- Simply Gilded 

"With this charm you can pay tribute to the child in you,
fighting evil by the moonlight and winning love by daylight!
I can't guarantee you will fight crime and triumph over evil with it,
but you will feel a little more magical throughout your day."
Don't be surprised if you find yourself shouting  "Moon Prism Power!" at some point during the day ♪
Add a little more magic to your planners! 。+.。♪ ⌒☆

Check out Simply Gilded Co for lovely washi tapes and exclusive designs! If you're unable to snag one of my bijoux charms this go-around, the washi tape definitely is the one to pick up for all lovers of anything Mahou Kei and magical! The Mystic Moon design comes out on Wednesday April 6th, 2016, so get ready! The sweet pastel gradients and foiled gold moons ฅ(๑*д*๑)ฅ!! So stunning! Get ready to see it on a LOT of Starlight Deco Dream packaging! The aesthetic is perfection! Oh yeah, and be sure to use coupon code STARLIGHT10 to save 10% off of your total order.

Crystal Star Bijoux Charm
Crisis Moon Compact Bijoux Charm
Moon Wand Bijoux Charm

Happy Planning and See You Soon!
~ Candy ٩(๑′∀ ‵๑)۶•*¨*•.¸¸♪  

Starlight Deco Dream Shop


Romance Angel Items ♪(*^ー゜)v(*^▽^*)*☆ガンバ☆♪ I love to package!

Here's a little shot of some of the Starlight Deco Dream originals I've made recently, all snuggled up in their packaging As much as I love to make handmade, packaging them is just as fun! When you order from Starlight Deco Dream or Mahou Kei, you'll get your items treated with lots of love.

 ・*:.。 (→ܫ◕ฺ人◕ฺฺܫ◕ฺ).・゚♡ :・✿ฺ ஐ〰・:*:・・:*:・✿ฺ ஐ〰・:*:・・:*:・✿ฺ ஐ〰・:*:・

Items featured are from the Romance Angel and Dear My Sweetheart series
One day I would love to have a little boutique shop with many handmade goods and packaged items like this. My inspiration is how many items are individually packaged up so cutely from the bakery...so I wanted to have this fresh, sweet feeling for each item. Some items I handmake the packaging and others I use my own stationary I've collected with various cute bags. The outcome is sooooo darling, sometimes I'm sad to see them go, but I know they'll go to a nice home ♪♪ 

Here are some items from the latest jewellery items I've created : Romance Angel. 


Romance Angel Series is an elegant collection from Starlight Deco Dream featuring gold, white, cream, baby pink, pale mint green, and fits a classical look with a focus on 
romantic imagery and fairytale theme.
Angelic Star Pierce
These glittering star earrings dangle from a gold-plated heart-shaped post back earring.
They are made out of hand-poured epoxy resin packed with glitter.
Mermaid Princess Charm Bracelet
  The Mermaid Princess bracelet features a number of beautiful charms each handmade by me and carefully painted with 18K gold leafing. Some feature gold-coloured brass charms while others have an antique finish. The charms on this bracelet are like that of a mermaid's treasure she collects in her deep-sea grotto : a magical medallion, a small parfum bottle, an star barnacle-studded seashell, an antique hand mirror, and princess dress figure. The bracelet each charm hangs from is very delicate, yet sturdy, and the extender has a brass ball dangling from it.

One size fits most. The bracelet has an extender to fit a variety of wrist lengths.
If you are unsure of the fit, please message me before purchasing. I may be able to accommodate with additional chain or an extender.
Mystic Star Medallion Pierce
 The Mystic Medallion earring dangles off of a gold-tone hook and is very lightweight and sturdy. It is made out of polyester resin and is painted with 18K gold leafing to give it a one-of-a-kind appeal. This earring hangs roughly 2 inches from the earring post to the bottom of the charm.

Sweet Memory Cameo Clip-Ons | Mint Version Available

 I've made these pretty heart faux-locket earrings out of hand-poured mint green and pink resin with my own handmade mold. The mold itself was from a vintage treasure from my mother, so it's design is very special to me. On top of the heart pendant, I've added little 18K gold leaf cherubs to match the gold accents of the pendant. The mint green and baby pink resin features lots of sparkly glitter throughout. Pastel colours are complimented by gold coloured findings. I've used clip-on earrings for these, as they are bulkier than normal earrings, so they are comfortable this way. Because they are clip-ons, you don't have to have pierced ears.

*The 'locket' pendant does not open.

 Please look forward to more items from the Romance Angel Series!
I will be posting new necklaces and showcasing details of the series shortly.


S CLUB 1992 ~ (●・ω・)ノ☆☆☆HELLO☆☆☆☆ヽ(・ω・○)

some photos of items i thrifted!!! jewel riders items woooo!!

my favourite toy shelf

super awesome sailor moon shirt from drfrizzy on redbubble!

nostalgic for brown hair again.

scan from mattel catalog 91or 92?
timejammers watch with magic colour change lipstick


1st Smartphone & Mobile Blog ♪♪(((≧▽≦)八(≧▽≦)八(≧▽≦)))♪♪

I'm pretty happy to announce that I recently got a smartphone so now I can do mobile blogging. Ever since I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, I now know the source of my chronic pain and how to treat it. Unfortunately due to this I will have to cut certain things out of my life such as blogging frequently. When I got my smartphone I was so happy to see that it had a speech to text option which really helps me out. Well the new medication that I'm taking is proving to be difficult, I have never stopped working on my crafts and I continue to run Starlight Deco Dream. 

Things have been difficult but I keep struggling on because these are things I really love.

I guess the really interesting updates my life are just that I found a solution to my chronic pain from RA and my carpal tunnel. If you're familiar with my crafts lately I do a lot of resin work, and this is mainly because my hands get very very tired quickly from molding fake sweets items. 

Regardless I really enjoy making resin items , but I would really like to go back to doing that clay work.

Making crafts very therapeutic for me especially now with my new medications time to wake up in the middle of the night I'm the only way to find a nice rest is to work on a little bit of my jewelry until I get tired. I've rambled on and on I know, That's how my life has become but I'm really enjoying myself and I now have an Instagram. you can find me under the name dreamykyandi. 



♪ I'm happy about my new MAHOU SHOUJO items! ♪

Yeee! finally they look how I wanted them to! I spent ages trying to find 'gold' acrylic OTL now the jewels are mirrored, things are engraved right, ahhhh it feels good to finally have access to better materials! DREAM IS COMING TRUE! 

Sneak peak of new items for this weekend's update at Starlight Deco Dream. 
I've been working very hard on bringing these to life as delightful homages to Mahou Shoujo ♥ 
Now that I have access to a nicer laser cut machine, 
you may have noticed the quality has improved! 
Finally I am able to create it just as I have envisioned!! 
Chibiusa's Time Key and Sailor Moon R locket necklace as well as many other inspired charms. 
All but the Time Key are half scale for more discreet and daily wear. 

The items are created using multi layered laser cut acrylic with Swarovski crystal accents. 
I'm looking into getting gold-plated chain yet I'll keep both the cheaper option available for those trying to save money. Lots of trial and error and love put into these. Mama Starlight is proud of these! 

They will all be on sale by Sunday on http://starlightdecodream.etsy.com/ (ღ˘⌣˘ღ) 

Quantities for ready-stock are limited, yet there will be a pre-order. Now I can finally sleep tonight ahaha... (and yes, the photo is a bit blurry, but that's the idea of a sneak peak! and these are all for necklaces but I'm low on chains at the moment) Also the old items are listed at $111 only because it's for display and I did not want anyone to buy the old listings. The new items will be around 25 - 40.

Please stay tuned for the weekend update ♥


A Colourful Heart : Kageki Shimoda

Today while checking out my twitter follower suggestions, 
a rather colourful avatar caught my eye. 
It was an elderly Japanese man with very colourful hair 
and right away my interest was peaked! 

Further research led me to find out it was a 
children's picture book author by the name of Kageki Shimoda.

Pictures from his Twitter feed shows a photograph with a group of children he has made happy with his storytelling!
  His regular dress has often been called eccentric but it's wonderful 
to see someone who has lived out their art dream fully and continues to do so.

“When you have a multicolored head, you have a multicolored heart. It’s fun.”

73-year-old Kageki Shimoda is a children’s picture book author and storyteller. The energy of his picture books are reflected in his daily fashion. He does readings at children’s schools in addition to painting and authoring picture books.

"Born in Shizuoka Prefecture in 1940. Had more than 20 jobs, such as a magazine writer, since graduating from Faculty of Law, Chuo University. Debuted as an author by winning the Shosetsu Gendai Prize for New Writers in 1976 for Yattoko Tantei (The Plier Detective). Won the Naoki Prize in 1980 with Kiiroi Kiba (Yellow Fang). Since then he has gained popularity for a diverse range of works in every genre. Active as a TV celebrity since the 1990’s, he has taken the world by storm for his character and outrageous fashion. In 1999 he formed the Storytelling Team for Good Kids. Since then he spends most his time on storytelling tours, with more than 1400 performances to date. His interests are walking and extreme (Kageki) fashion. He is also Tourism Ambassador for his home prefecture of Shizuoka. His latest works are Date Masamune Saigo no Yabo (Munemasa Date – The Final Ambition) (Kodansha), and Kita Chosen Daihokai!! Jo / Gekan (The Collapse of North Korea!! Volumes 1&2) (Cosmic Publishing).

An excerpt from an article on Chuo Online about the wonderful Kageki Shimoda :

" His life is overwhelmingly energetic and positive, but everyday isn’t this lively for Shimoda. There are also times when he feels lost, times when he has no enthusiasm, and times when he is afraid of dying. In those times, Shimoda looks up towards the toilet ceiling. Stuck to the ceiling are the words of his deceased father, gently reminding Shimoda of what he must do.

“Hey. Take it easy.”

He guides children’s hearts on a generous and relaxed path. In this life work that requires immediate action without rushing for results, Shimoda has probably turned to those words numerous times.
Finally, there is a secret to Shimoda, who could even be called “Grandpa”, being so energetic. Although born in 1940, Shimoda is actually a new 11 year old. “On March 25, 2000, in normal terms I reached 60 years of age, but at that time I was reborn as a new 0 year old,” he reveals.

This experienced new 11 year old with the flexible heart is 
currently growing even more free and extreme. "

Wow! He is such an inspiration! Any time you feel like you want to give up, any time you feel your heart grow heavy, remember how you have placed yourself gently on this earth. Remember you have dreams and aspirations and no matter what anyone does, you can live a wonderful life with a colourful heart. He is just one of the many people now which will continue to enrich and inspire my daily life. Keep on doing what you're doing Shimoda!

To read more about Kageki Shimoda please check at the full article about him on Chuo Online.
You can also visit his storytelling theatre website and follow him on twitter.


Dreamy ♡♡♡ Shop Mascot by Saaki of Pyrop ♫

Very recently, I began a dialogue with artist Saaki of Pyrop in regards to doing illustrations for Starlight Deco Dream. What I had in mind was the store's mascot "Dreamy" in mahou kei and my series "Romance Angel." I wanted to use it for free promotional goods (buttons, stickers, mini post-cards, etc)

artwork by Guillotined
Moe style Dreamy by Oceanchan
For the artwork itself, I knew I wanted to feature Dreamy with her afro-swirl, bouncy yellow ribbon, characteristically large glasses, starry eyes, and my new series. It was not a solid plan by Saaki was very kind to go through my reference images. I left her in charge of making some new lovely artwork and she succeeded! ♡
Here are some other illustrations of Dreamy (Kyandi) by other artists friends. If you've been keeping up with my shop and facebook page, you may have seen these. There's even a Speedpaint by Oceanchan on Youtube to some cute Kyary tunes.
Thank you to saaki for doing new artwork of Starlight Deco Dream's mascot "Dreamy" ♡♡♡ featuring the Romance Angel series. This artwork (and many others) will be featured on new promo goods
As special thanks to lovely Saaki, please check her page as well! 
Commissions Page /// Her main page at Pyrop
Be sure to say hello and make her feel welcome.
Her artwork is in the style of cute, pastel goth, and fairy kei. 
Promise you will love it! (ღ˘⌣˘ღ) ♫・*:.。. .。.:*・
Again, I want to say to you Saaki
☆*:.。. \(@ ̄∇ ̄@)/ .。.:*☆
I'm so happy !! Thank you so much for the illustration.