Romance Angel Items ♪(*^ー゜)v(*^▽^*)*☆ガンバ☆♪ I love to package!

Here's a little shot of some of the Starlight Deco Dream originals I've made recently, all snuggled up in their packaging As much as I love to make handmade, packaging them is just as fun! When you order from Starlight Deco Dream or Mahou Kei, you'll get your items treated with lots of love.

 ・*:.。 (→ܫ◕ฺ人◕ฺฺܫ◕ฺ).・゚♡ :・✿ฺ ஐ〰・:*:・・:*:・✿ฺ ஐ〰・:*:・・:*:・✿ฺ ஐ〰・:*:・

Items featured are from the Romance Angel and Dear My Sweetheart series
One day I would love to have a little boutique shop with many handmade goods and packaged items like this. My inspiration is how many items are individually packaged up so cutely from the bakery...so I wanted to have this fresh, sweet feeling for each item. Some items I handmake the packaging and others I use my own stationary I've collected with various cute bags. The outcome is sooooo darling, sometimes I'm sad to see them go, but I know they'll go to a nice home ♪♪ 

Here are some items from the latest jewellery items I've created : Romance Angel. 


Romance Angel Series is an elegant collection from Starlight Deco Dream featuring gold, white, cream, baby pink, pale mint green, and fits a classical look with a focus on 
romantic imagery and fairytale theme.
Angelic Star Pierce
These glittering star earrings dangle from a gold-plated heart-shaped post back earring.
They are made out of hand-poured epoxy resin packed with glitter.
Mermaid Princess Charm Bracelet
  The Mermaid Princess bracelet features a number of beautiful charms each handmade by me and carefully painted with 18K gold leafing. Some feature gold-coloured brass charms while others have an antique finish. The charms on this bracelet are like that of a mermaid's treasure she collects in her deep-sea grotto : a magical medallion, a small parfum bottle, an star barnacle-studded seashell, an antique hand mirror, and princess dress figure. The bracelet each charm hangs from is very delicate, yet sturdy, and the extender has a brass ball dangling from it.

One size fits most. The bracelet has an extender to fit a variety of wrist lengths.
If you are unsure of the fit, please message me before purchasing. I may be able to accommodate with additional chain or an extender.
Mystic Star Medallion Pierce
 The Mystic Medallion earring dangles off of a gold-tone hook and is very lightweight and sturdy. It is made out of polyester resin and is painted with 18K gold leafing to give it a one-of-a-kind appeal. This earring hangs roughly 2 inches from the earring post to the bottom of the charm.

Sweet Memory Cameo Clip-Ons | Mint Version Available

 I've made these pretty heart faux-locket earrings out of hand-poured mint green and pink resin with my own handmade mold. The mold itself was from a vintage treasure from my mother, so it's design is very special to me. On top of the heart pendant, I've added little 18K gold leaf cherubs to match the gold accents of the pendant. The mint green and baby pink resin features lots of sparkly glitter throughout. Pastel colours are complimented by gold coloured findings. I've used clip-on earrings for these, as they are bulkier than normal earrings, so they are comfortable this way. Because they are clip-ons, you don't have to have pierced ears.

*The 'locket' pendant does not open.

 Please look forward to more items from the Romance Angel Series!
I will be posting new necklaces and showcasing details of the series shortly.