Dreamy ♡♡♡ Shop Mascot by Saaki of Pyrop ♫

Very recently, I began a dialogue with artist Saaki of Pyrop in regards to doing illustrations for Starlight Deco Dream. What I had in mind was the store's mascot "Dreamy" in mahou kei and my series "Romance Angel." I wanted to use it for free promotional goods (buttons, stickers, mini post-cards, etc)

artwork by Guillotined
Moe style Dreamy by Oceanchan
For the artwork itself, I knew I wanted to feature Dreamy with her afro-swirl, bouncy yellow ribbon, characteristically large glasses, starry eyes, and my new series. It was not a solid plan by Saaki was very kind to go through my reference images. I left her in charge of making some new lovely artwork and she succeeded! ♡
Here are some other illustrations of Dreamy (Kyandi) by other artists friends. If you've been keeping up with my shop and facebook page, you may have seen these. There's even a Speedpaint by Oceanchan on Youtube to some cute Kyary tunes.
Thank you to saaki for doing new artwork of Starlight Deco Dream's mascot "Dreamy" ♡♡♡ featuring the Romance Angel series. This artwork (and many others) will be featured on new promo goods
As special thanks to lovely Saaki, please check her page as well! 
Commissions Page /// Her main page at Pyrop
Be sure to say hello and make her feel welcome.
Her artwork is in the style of cute, pastel goth, and fairy kei. 
Promise you will love it! (ღ˘⌣˘ღ) ♫・*:.。. .。.:*・
Again, I want to say to you Saaki
☆*:.。. \(@ ̄∇ ̄@)/ .。.:*☆
I'm so happy !! Thank you so much for the illustration.


  1. very very cute! I love her art =D
    。.:*・°☆ Pastel Cubes Blog 。.:*・°☆
    ☆彡 http://pastelcubes.blogspot.com.br/ ☆彡

    1. Thank you! I think her art style fits the aesthetic of my shop perfectly. Don't worry about the interview! It is slow, but I am making your package and preparing special items for you. Lots of planning went into it ♥