☆ミ Hi! My name is CANDY! ☆ミ

Here it goes.

The first post on a blog which is undoubtedly going to spiral out of control and eventually suck people into a vortex of pastel. Photobucket

The first post which will determine whether or not I'll have any readers or this place will be a ghost town.

I knew it would happen someday. I knew I would create a blog. Photobucket

They asked for this. I warned them about the stairs bro. I told them.

Hold on, you're probably wondering who I am. Photobucket

Or not. You could be just really bored and have wifi from the library with nothing to do. Photobucket

Regardless, lets try and keep you interested for longer than

Hey! Wake up! I had to wake up early to start writing this one. Photobucket


Let's start out about explaining a little bit about me. (。◕‿◕。)

My name is Candy and I'm 25 years old as of March 18th. Photobucket

I have a little online shop called Starlight Deco Dream. Photobucket

The style I follow and my little shop follows is 80s pop fashion and pastel cute style. Photobucket

Most commonly, I can agree it's 80s, fairy kei, and sweet lolita inspired.

My favourite colour is lavender or pink, yet they haven't decided who the victor is quite yet. Photobucket

My favourite things are SWEETS DECO, 80s japanese idol / アイドル, Italo Disco, Eurobeat, princesses, pastels, accessories, shoujo anime and manga, magical girl, animation, cosplay, cooking, sewing, food, toys, Creamy Mami, Sailor Moon, 80s, ポップルズ,ヤムヤムズ,ケアベア,バービーなどのアメキャラ/.

Angelic Pretty, SWIMMER, SPANK!, ManiaQ are my favourite clothing brands.

On a typical weekend, I'm either sewing hair bows or crafting cuteness like miniature foods, goofing off with friends around town having some frozen delights because this is such a hot city, or scheming up some new designs to share with the world.

I find myself as an overly-confident individual who oftentimes rambles on about doing "CRAZY FUN THINGS" so for the remainder of my time blogging, I'll probably just give small updates with cute photographs in between.

Or hey, show you all what I've been creating or working on. Photobucket

Maybe recommend some really neat Italo Disco artists you aren't familiar with.

80s flashbacks? Photobucket

Yeah, everything will be here.

Sorry I've gone on and on about so much.

Really, I don't have a clue what I'm doing. Photobucket

Other than I'd love to keep everyone feeling happy and lots of joy!

In the meantime, please check out my facebook page for Starlight Deco Dream as well as the etsy shop.

Cheers! (≧◡≦)


  1. Kalimera, or 'good day' in Greek! This is cajega from tumblr just stopping to say hello :D

  2. Hiii! You are the biggest sweetie. <3 I hope you have a very successful blog! :D

  3. Ah! You have a blog now? Awesome! I was the gal at A-kon that said I followed your Tumblr, even though I didn't have one, lol. I'll definitely follow your blog! <3

  4. Aw yeah you're blogging now ;v;

  5. It's great you've got a blog! I just ran into your new wig site as well and the poofball wigs are amazing! Keep up the cute work :)