♡ matching socks and el bolillo bakery ♡


Today I found the cutest matching socks for me and Mannequin ♡♡♡

It's cool because the girl looks like that fab retro pixel art

I hope Mannequin will enjoy these!

Please check her blog as well. She posts fancy 80s toys / goods.

In addition to finding cute socks, I also stopped by a Mexican bakery I was recommended. 

It's called "El Bolillo" bakery and from what I saw it clean, well-stocked, busy, and smelled amazing. They had my favourite hot chocolate, Abuelita for purchase in boxes, milk, cheeses, queso fresco, chorizo, various cakes, luncheon meats in the back in a cooler, and all the sweet breads you can handle.

Lovely artwork of dancers on the wall! The whole place was so vibrant and pretty.

 Cream cake! Jello! Rice pudding! Flan! Choco covered strawberries! Shortcake! O A O!!!!

 There were some really fancy piping work on these and ...mango cake. So good!

Temptation in every corner haha! I normally stop by for crushed ice.
I know it's awful for my teeth but randomly I like eating it.

I really wanted to try some of the sweets there, but for today I just snapped photos, 
since I'm trying to cut down my sugar intake. 
I think I'll stop by next Sunday and get something small. 

See you soon! 

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    I thought it was Princess Jasmine at first,
    cos it look like her on my dashboard keke.
    Oh the bakery looks so lovely.
    So Yummy ><